• Who Are You - Photographing The People Of Who

    I suspect that anyone who's poked about this website a bit has caught onto the fact that I have something of an interest in this obscure British sci-fi show called Doctor Who. You've probably never heard of it. I TARDIS'ed back to 1962 so I could like it before it even existed. I'm that cool.

    My point is that, over the next few months, I'm embarking on a photographic adventure across the nation to photograph some of the people who have been involved in making this show happen, to celebrate the show, and see what these wonderful folks are up to now. This will culminate in an exhibition in the near future - watch this space for exciting details.

    And to that end, if you're reading this and you're someone who's been involved in the makings of some Doctor Whos, or you know someone who has, I want to hear from you! Check out the blog and send me an email if you'd like to take part. Splendid!

  • Fourth Friday at the Casual Gourmet

    If you happen to be in Guelph or the surrounding area, I'll be showing some works May 25th at the Casual Gourmet on Carden Street as part of the Fourth Friday festivities that take place every month. There's lots of interesting stuff happening downtown, and I'll have some wine, so it's definitely an unmissable event of EPIC PROPORTIONS.

  • Wait, I have more things to say!

    August 14th, 2011

    Who the heck knows why I never update the news page on this website; I probably should do it more often. I suppose because not a lot of new things happen, or I don't know what's noteworthy.

    I should just start telling stories here.

    Here's a story:

    Last weekend, I was making metas'mores for a family of mice. The mice were outraged that I did not serve a variety of dipping sauces on the side, and returned to their home under the sea. I wanted to follow them to apologise, but I lack the special gills that mice use to breathe underwater.